Helping Hand Tool-Kit

Helping Hand Tool-Kit
Our goal is to help as many families as possible attend the Annual Family Conference. To achieve this goal we work hard to raise the needed funds and ask families to explore the resources below. Together, we can achieve our goals and every family who wants to be at the conference will be able to attend.

Selling Helping Hand Raffles

  • Personalized flyers to post online and in community
  • Facebook badge (profile picture) to promote sales
  • Connect with experienced raffle seller for mentorship and guidance

Contact Kim (details on the right) to request personalized flyers, Facebook badge or raffle mentor.

Click   document here (14 KB)  to download more selling tips.

Raise Your Own Helping Hand
YouCaring is a free fundraising website created for individual wanting to raise funds for a variety of needs, including attending our Annual Family Conference! In just 3 steps, easily create your own site to raise the funds you need to get to the conference. It is truly free, the site does not charge you or the donors.

Explore Your State Resources
Many states offer grant programs directly to families to help with the cost of attending a conference related to the disease impacting the family. These are often difficult to find. Contact the Family Voices chapter in your state to inquire. Family Voices is an amazing organization connecting medically complicated families in each state.