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Tay-Sachs, Canavan, GM1 and Sandhoff diseases

2011 Hope on the Horizon

An Evening to Benefit NTSAD

Our fourth annual benefit at Genzyme was a success!

To-date over $35,000 was raised. We are still counting gifts and
are accepting more designated contributions, hoping to reach our goal of $40,000.

Together with our supporters, sponsors, and guests - 130 people in all -- we heard encouraging words of 'hope' from Kevin Romer and from Dr. Terence Flotte, Dean of University of Massachusetts Medical School. Blyth Lord's reflections of her family's time with their daughter were especially poignant. By sharing the wishes from her and Charlie's 'hope chest' for Cameron, she opened a window into the painful reality that affected families face every day.


We also extend a big thank you to Carey Goldberg, Florian Eichler, MD, and Miguel Sena Esteves, PhD, speakers at the sponsor event. Our guests buzzed with excitement about NTSAD's research update - our plans to fund an accelerated launch of human clinical trials in late 2012. We all agree that hope truly is on the horizon for the first time ever!


We thank all of our speakers for eloquently sharing their words with all of us.