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Through Angels Eyes Art Therapy Program

If hands can't open to hold the brush, our minds will -We will find a way!    alt

Through Angels Eyes Art Therapy Program was founded to provide a fun and creative experience for children with special needs and their families. Some children can't hold a paint brush or draw a line, but they can still be part of art and creativity.

Kaleb's mom Shelly Ogden invited Through Angels Eyes Art Therapy Program to the 2012 NTSAD Annual Family Conference. Kaleb's Cure sponsored the program to provide this wonderful experience at no cost to the families! Kaleb has Sandhoff disease.

Shelly shares her experience with Through Angel  Eyes Art Therapy Program:

TAE action photoI first met Kelly Wells, creator and founder of Through Angels Eyes Art Therapy Program, at our first Kaleb's Cure Fundraiser.  She was introduced to me by a mutual friend, who also happened to be the physical therapist to both of our children.  Kelly had her youngest of three boys with her who has an undiagnosed developmental delay.

She called me one day and told me that she was starting her own organization to benefit families of children with special needs and she asked if she could come and paint with Kaleb.  She asked me if we had a special name we called him and what kinds of things, and/or colors we knew he liked.  When she arrived at the house with her art supplies, I still did not know what to expect - I watched her put paint on Kaleb's feet and hands and within a matter of seconds, our little froggy had made a frog!  When she was finished I was amazed by both her talent and the beautiful gift she left me with.

I shared a picture of his master piece on Facebook and got a message from a friend who works for a local hospice organization, she asked if Kelly might be willing to meet with another family to give them the precious gift of art made by their daughter - Kelly gladly accepted.  It occurred to me then that I had to ask if she would be willing to come to the conference and share this amazing gift with the other families who I knew would appreciate it as much as I do. We are so happy that Kaleb's Cure was able to bring Through Angels Eyes Art Therapy to the conference.  We were more than pleased with the turnout of other families and I believe that they were just as happy with their priceless piece of art, as we are of ours!

Volunteer artists helped families to have lots of fun creating a keepsake like no other. Siblings were encouraged to help or create their own project. Families left with beautiful art to proudly display but most importantly a family memory to forever cherish.