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Brodryck's Legacy of Hope

Over the past 6 years, we have been so Blessed with the kindness of so many people who have donated their hard earned money to help us fund research to one day find treatment and a possible cure for GM1 research.

With four Incredible Bean Bag Tournaments (Brodryck’s Bean Bag Tourney, The Beaver Den Winter Classic, and the BC Mid-Summer Bonanza) we have raised close to $20,000 in 6 years!!!!!! We thank everyone so much for their hard work, kindness, and dedication to our Sweet Brodryck’s Legacy.  It means the world to us that so many people have taken the time to remember and honour our Brodryck.  This money goes directly into research with hopes that we can find that breakthrough.  Hope is on the Horizon that a cure will be found and no other child will die from this dreaded disease.

You can support our efforts to raise funds for research by make a gift here.

What is GM1?

GM1 is a lysosomal storage disorder. It is caused by a mutation in the gene responsible for a vital enzyme called betagalactosidase (β-gal). The role of β-gal is to degrade a fatty substance or lipid called GM-1 ganglioside. In the absence of β-gal, GM-1 accumulates abnormally in cells, especially in the nerve cells, or neurons, of the brain. This ongoing accumulation, or "storage", of GM-1 causes progressive damage and eventually death of the cells.

What about research?

There are several projects currently focused on GM1 from natural history studies to gene therapy. Stay tuned for future updates on the website.

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