Leading the worldwide fight to treat and cure
Tay-Sachs, Canavan, GM1 and Sandhoff diseases

NTSAD and Research

Our families' daily struggles drive us to extend our leadership in, and financial support of, the research that will ultimately lead to a cure. Now more than ever, the potential exists to advance science toward effective treatments.

Funding Innovative Research

NTSAD launched the NTSAD Research Initiative in 2002 to focus on funding promising innovative research for neurodegenerative diseases that affect the central nervous system. We fund promising research that may lead to major grant support and programs that will hopefully lead to clinical trials. 


NTSAD's grants are sometimes made in collaboration with partners such as the NIH and other patient advocacy groups for the allied diseases.

These grants have led to NIH grants of more than $10 million toward finding treatments and cures!

Scientific Advisory Committee

NTSAD works with The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC), comprised of world-leading experts in lysosomal and leukodystrophy disease research and clinical care.  Their fields of expertise include neurology, genetics, biomedical research, laboratory medicine and genetic counseling.